Why a Chiropodist

If you or loved ones are experiencing difficulty in balancing and walking, then you might be at risk of falling and foot injuries. Normally, the older or elderly are most highly in danger of having injury problems. Through the years, foot injury has become more serious health issue in anywhere in the world. As we grow older, our bones became weaker. Taking care of the feet is an important matter because it is the human’s body foundation.

Chiropodists focus on the assessment, examination and treatment of the abnormalities of the lower limb. They treat people with arthritis, diabetes, nail surgery and sports injuries. They treat people of all ages especially the older people who are at high risk of amputation, such as those suffering from arthritis or diabetes to stay mobile, active and independent. They provide professional advice on how to take care of the feet and prevent foot problems.

Foundation Chiropody in Mississauga is also here to help you reduce the risk of falling. We deliver the best ankle or foot orthotic practices in Ontario. We use the latest in medical technology in taking care of your body’s foundation and also, we have the most expert chiropodists in the city.

We help improve your foot health by delivering keen and careful assessments. Foundation Chiropody offers various patient-centered treatment plans for patients. Our team works collaboratively with client’s family doctors, other physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, diabetes educators and other health professionals in order to provide exceptional health care treatments.

Our family foot clinic welcomes and treats people of all ages, from children to seniors. It is important for us to communicate well with our patients to make sure they fully understand their condition and the right treatment plan for them. From sports injury to diabetic foot care, Foundation Chiropody is here to give a helping hand.

Foundation Chiropody offers special custom foot orthotics for patients to deliver the unique biomechanical and pathological needs of the feet and body. We have expert staff that will execute a biomechanical evaluation to patients. We use up to date and high technology facilities to ensure the right treatment of our clients.

There are many factors that indicate fall risk:

  • Bones get weaker as you age
  • Difficulty in balancing
  • Numbness weakness and pain in feet or neuropathy
  • Instability of ankle joint from ligamentous injury
  • Foot and ankle osteoarthritis

The following are some of the services our patients will encounter in our fall prevention program

  • We consider many factors why a particular patient is at risk of falling
  • We offer strengthening exercises, balance braces and also recommend physical therapy if needed

Contact the family foot clinic of Foundation Chiropody. Help reduce your risk of falls today. Call us at 905-916-3668.

About Foundation Chiropody - Foot Clinic

Gentle and comprehensive foot care. At Foundation Chiropody we use best practices with the latest medical technology to help patients to take care of their feet. Your feet are your foundation. Poor foot function can cause leg, knee, hip, back and even neck pain. Our services include; treatment of foot pain, ingrown toenails, prescription custom foot orthotics, podiatric nail care, warts and other lesions, fungal infections, calluses and corns, bunions, diabetic foot care, wound care, soft tissue and nail surgery, corticosteroid injections, podopediatrics (care for children), podogeriatrics (care for the elderly), treatment of injuries from trauma, treatment of sports injuries
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