Knee Pain, Osteoarthritis and Prescription Custom Foot Orthotics (PCFOs)

We have all heard about the epidemic of diabetes but what about the epidemic of knee and hip surgery? Lately, during new patient intakes, I am seeing many elderly patients (50-80 years of age) with recent knee arthroscopy surgery or total knee replacement surgery (often in both knees). Evidence supports that most of these surgeries are very successful, no doubt due to our skilled orthopaedic surgeons.

 But why not try to avoid getting to the point where you need the surgery? In many cases, PCFOs (orthotics) can realign and optimize your lower limb, reduce wear and tear on your knees and hips. Most people are concerned about the cost of PCFOs. It seems to me that a few hundred dollars every 2-3 years is a small price to pay for saving your knee and hip joints years down the road. Of course, there are other factors for the development of arthritis so you should consult with a ‘regulated’ foot specialist (chiropodist/podiatrist) near you to see if orthotic therapy can help you [i]

 “The number of hip replacements in Canada increased 11% between 2006–2007 and 2010–2011. The number of knee replacements increased by 15% over the same period. [ii]

 “Osteoarthritis affects an estimated 10% to 12% of Canadian adults. The therapeutic goals of osteoarthritis treatment are to improve joint mobility and reduce pain. Stepwise treatment options include exercise, weight loss, physiotherapy, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, intra-articular steroids and hyaluronic acids, arthroscopic surgery, and, in severe cases, total joint replacement with follow-up rehabilitation. These treatments are delivered by a range of health care professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, family physicians, internists, rheumatologists, and orthopedic surgeons. Total Knee Replacement is an end-of-line treatment for patients with severe pain and functional limitations. More women than men undergo knee replacement, and most patients are between 55 and 84 years old.[iii]

 Prevention may be in YOUR shoes…..


About Foundation Chiropody - Foot Clinic

Gentle and comprehensive foot care. At Foundation Chiropody we use best practices with the latest medical technology to help patients to take care of their feet. Your feet are your foundation. Poor foot function can cause leg, knee, hip, back and even neck pain. Our services include; treatment of foot pain, ingrown toenails, prescription custom foot orthotics, podiatric nail care, warts and other lesions, fungal infections, calluses and corns, bunions, diabetic foot care, wound care, soft tissue and nail surgery, corticosteroid injections, podopediatrics (care for children), podogeriatrics (care for the elderly), treatment of injuries from trauma, treatment of sports injuries
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